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Accueil Funes - Idilaion, an experience of the heart

Funes - Idilaion, an experience of the heart

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  • South America : Colombia
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Par Handiplanet le 03/10/2017

Field journal.

Funes - Idilaion, an experience of the heart

Field journal.

In mid-August after a vote, I knew that it was me who was travelling to represent the Foundation Funes in Paris France; Martha a French teacher friend and collaborator of the Foundation were kindly offered to give me some lessons, were two months of preparation that allowed me to steal me some words to unwrap me there.

On Tuesday, October 5 to reach Paris, at 3:15 pm I had my first encounter with the residents and the residence Idalium team, was a pleasant encounter, I was surrounded by people who did not understand but that gesture made me feel welcome. And supported by martica, educator of the Idalium residence which, in the same condition of practitioner that I was, I met in Colombia, opened a space for the presentation and I knew who were the people that surrounded me.

Time was running and while he received a warm welcome and knew some of the installations residence were five in the afternoon and along with martica we went to his home.

Be sure to mention before the surprise that I carry when I met installations, was a completely different place, was enormous, Idalium residence has 3 floors, a basement and a garage, each floor had a living room of, that was the meeting point every ma Nana, a kitchen, two workshops and in addition, it functioned as a admitted everyone had your room, your room's bathroom and a mini kitchen, it is important to clarify that residents not manipulated the kitchen, unless they were accompanied by some educators. In total there were approximately 32 residents.

The basement has a connotation different from ours, the basement was a floor, there were the offices of senior officials, sofi office, Secretary, nursing, salon laundry, a teachers room, a lounge for meetings , the vestieres for entry and exit of the swimming pool, two bathrooms and a garden for people who smoke, or simply want to soak up the Sun, 2 trucks of the residence were in the underground garage.

Likewise, my amazement continued when I met part of the team, this was largely what is France, a multicultural meeting place, within the work team had people from many parts of the world, Ecuadorians, African, Martica, the Colombian share and of course French citizens.

There was insufficient time to fully know the great mission of the residence Idalium and people there are played.

Wednesday 6 October, throughout the day I was in the company of Martica, that day the total Group of residents met and had an encounter more close with some, was very pleasant because they constituted a different population population with work it in Colombia residents were elderly; I have to admit that women residents were initially more open and strove to engage in a dialogue, even though my level of French was not to keep a fluent conversation, how to communicate with the other was perhaps one of the exercise more interesting Santes, because it involved an effort to me and to the residents and French-speaking educators.

Despite difficulties that involves no language was possible to simple dialogue and build a little trust among all in some way we experience the experience

Some, perhaps because of the age they were a little suspicious, however, with the passing of the days I was earning his trust.

Thursday, October 7, I had an encounter with Martica, the cordinatriz and the chef of service, the intention was to design what would be my plannig, that would allow me to schedule my activities within the Foundation throughout my stay there.

The activities that were scheduled this morning were: a session of dance, karaoque, relaxation pool, time Word, singing and painting workshops and some visits to other centres of work belonging to the Organization of Idalium.

The lunch hour began at noon, after the activities, this included an initial plate, a main dish and a dessert and always came accompanied by baguettes. The kitchen was the place where lunches were distributed, some residents collaborated with the distribution of the slab and the collection of the same. No doubt feeding period favored the interaction between all the members of the residence Idalium

As advancing time left to build relationships of trust with some residents who allowed me a little closer to his humanity and to the particular experience of each one in the residence Idalium, from there I would like to share the sig following conclusions.

Work experience

October 04 2010 to October 21, 2010.

Foundation Funes (Bogotá - Colombia) residence Idalium (Paris - France)

Although the contexts are abysmally different, is very much what this experience can bring to the exercise that has developed in the Foundation Funes.

Then hare a description of the elements that I believe are relevant to raise the level of quality service that we offer to people with cognitive disabilities.

  1. Know several centers of residence idalium allowed me a notion more broad organization, there are several centers that serve the particular needs of people with disabilities: have received centrosde of the day for children and young people between 4 and 20 years , trabajanbajo people have protected work centers, there the supervision several educators who are responsible for their welfare, this paid ademases work, centrosdonde there are different workshops for quejovenes and adults occupy their time. YLA residence that it is a place for adults, it functions as a boarding school.

  2. Each educator develops several workshops, the residence offers residents several alternatives, each resident, during a general meeting, escogede according to their interests workshop or activity that you want to perform, activities for educators, is les the residents presented each week.

  3. The development of a general programming weekly, facilitated in large medidala organization of the activities of the Foundation. Workshops yacomodar are necessary permanent lasreuniones of the equipointerdisciplinar paraexponerposibles spaces according to extra curricular activities.

While our work responds to the needs of children and youth in disability status, visit the Centre's day for children and teens, allowed me to establish these important elements.

If social inclusion is one of the final objectives of our work it is necessary:

  • Try implementing permanent activities extracurriculres are carried out outside of the facilities of the Foundation, in order to make visible it population will help it win the space that corresponds to them within society.

  • Articulate in our profession work communication strategies; in the case of children and young people that has hablany a retrasoleve, is achievethe implementation of PÉCS (communication system for image exchange, an alternative system of communication for people who do not use oral language. Basically consists of the exchange of a symbol, which we'll call now Communicator device, between the user and therapist.).

  • Although, to link the method P.E.C.S.dentro our Foundation, requires some training materials ydeterminados, implementation of images and photographs inside any learning activity development is essential and good beginning so over time, this alternative communication method can incorporate global within the Foundation.

  • Necesarioabrir espaciospara children and young people of our Foundation to share with people of the same age without any limitations, this contributes to raise awareness among children and young people face this reality and extend scenarios of social inclusion.

  • It is essential to increase the day of training parapadres ycuidadores, fomentarpracticas integr

ales quebenefician individualesde processes each patient and promote elimination of any form of violence, promoting the dialogue as only estanciapararesolver losconflictos.

  • The theme of self-estimulacionno ceases to be a thorny issue, though, everyone has the right to adesarrollo of sexuality, one is auto stimulation within the Foundation should be reprimanded, cannot tolerate these situations, it is necessary to speak with the child or young person of respect for himself and for others, knock it off note that only situations can make part of your privacy.

  • Communication between educators is essential, are necessary informative "billboards" inside installations, there is should socialize any information and/or any novelty.

  • On the other hand, it is essential to involve parents, so there is a continuity in the process, families who face this reality, are often unconcerned about the education of their children with disabilities.

    The meetings of permanent, to socialize the processes being carried out with each child are necessary for and show them to the popes who as in process of formation is essential care and support from home to accomplish any purpose.

    On the other hand, I want to highlight the importance of generating strong ties between parents. It is very important that the Foundation begins to open spaces for socialization between parents and educators, to facilitate networking of experience, socializing benefits and above all make you feel the fathers who are not single sharing this reality.

    Finally, I want to emphasize the importance of the exercise of planning and systematization of experience of work, this exercise allow evaluate each experience and establish plans to improve starting from the results.


    Time: is a weekly activity, an encounter between educators and residents where all manifest as the relationships within the residence, their disagreements, their problems, in general talk about the situations that each who lives inside the residence.

    ... There are feedback, residents participate and make decisions.

    Floor leader held a meeting with residents there to demonstrate and to openly confront points of view about the relationship and situations that have taken place on each floor. There is dialogue between residents and a very close relationship with the educators (s)...

    Dance: is an activity scheduled within the weekly planin, the exercise lasts about an hour and half, uses sweet music with moments of exaltation. The routine begins with gentle body movements of the torso to extremities, with stronger movements. It is a nice relaxation space music is exotic with nice melodies.

    ... Within the Idalium residence, some participate actively throughout the day; others are tired; others involved fairly; because his physical condition does not give them more; some do their best to follow instructions;  within the residents there who directs the activity, others are indifferent, and they are limited to observe others...

    KARAOQUE: It is another weekly activity, a space where residents show their artistic abilities, voluntarily take the microphone and have to sing their favorite tunes, personally I found a wonderful meeting, see how they feel the music, while u na person appropriate microphone, others paraphrase the lyrics and others, most are dedicated to dance, is so much emotion which generates some dance as in their times of young people hanging around on the floor.

    Relaxation in swimming pool: This activity takes approximately 30 minutes with each resident, took place in a pool properly adapted, with the accompaniment of a professional, the physiotherapist aims to generate in each resident awareness and self recognition of your body.

    In the end was a wonderful experience that allowed me to expand the vision to improve the service that we have been provided with love and dedication Foundation Funes.



    NOVEMBER 2010.

    Langue d'origine : Espagnol
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