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Accueil Members Support Methodology

Support Methodology

1st Step: Choice of subject and title

After sensitization through a document explaining what may be the experience index card (see guidelines for contributions 2 - What is an experience index card? ) the topic is chosen with the help of facilitators:
- By phone (00 33 (0)1 64 86 41 19)
- Via email (

2th Step: Interview

After choosing the subject, a written interview is established by the facilitators of the Handiplanet network from a standard format (available on the site click here). It is sent by mail to the contributor.

3th Step One: Transcript of experience on a card

The contributor responds to the interview by writing back and he can remove questions; or sends the card back for edition. The answers to the latter should be short. The interview can also take place via chat.

4th Step: On line

Contributor :

- Put the index card online via its ID (my personal account / Add an experience)


- Delegates that task to the network facilitators upon request by email.

5th Step One: Diffusion

The contribution is distributed to the network members and contacts. It is also sent to organizations and individuals using  regularly enriched and updated mailing lists.

Note: For testimonies, support is possible, but most of the time they are freely written.