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Evaluation of the network

Here are the results of the survey of the readers of the Handiplanet network, which is one of the methods for evaluating the quality and impact of the sharing of experiences.

You can still complete the survey at this link: [or click here to answer the survey in English]

The results of the survey (2013)

This survey received 110 responses; Here is the summary:

  • 95% of the network drives experience interest on the contributions of the network reading
  • Nearly two-thirds (68%) were already inspired by the information contained in the Handiplanet contributions
  • A third of readers (29%) ont already embodied experience or project after reading a sheet experience !
  • A 5 a reader already contacted an organization presents on the website Handiplanet for more information on one or more of its projects
  • More of 3/4 talk about Handiplanet around them.

You can refer to the diagrams of results here:

Thank you to our readersand
to our members who are the Foundation of this network of sharing of experiences