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Contributions Guide

Sharing our experiences to learn from each other, Towards a better support of people with learning disabilities.

1 - Why sharing an experience index card?

Keep the memory of what has been done and analyze the process of implementation and execution of an action,
Share with others the strengths and difficulties,
Get in touch with other groups and learn from their practices,

2 - What is an experience index card about?

An experience index card primarily recounts one and only one experience or concrete practice. It is about sharing an action, an accomplishment that gave (positive) results. The described action is to be reproduced in its whole or in part by others.

It can cover all areas relate to mental and psychical disability:

Methodological tools developed and used for: education, teaching, training, coaching.
Concrete material achievements for People with Disabilities
Actions towards the families
Sequences of gestures, postures, attitudes to particular situations
Special activities in awareness workshops, alertness, learning, occupational therapy, motor skills, discussion groups, development of identity...
Activity of producing goods, crafts, services
Cultural, artistic, recreational, sports,
others, activities

3 - Who can write an experience index card?

Any member of the network who wants to share a rewarding experience for others.

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4 - How to write an experience index card?

You can choose to translate your experience:

- By yourself using the tools at your disposal for this purpose. Click here

- Using the support methodology put in place by the coordinators of the network to facilitate the transcription of your experience. Click here

5 - Additional information

Warning: you must describe the experience in few words. A too long experience report will not be read! (Maximum 2 pages)

It is advisable to add visuals to make the form more attractive.

You can add to your form working document that will be downloadable on the site.

There is no limit to the number of experience reports written by the same author.

Experiences, once posted on the site, will be broadcast to all our readers and a wide range of stakeholders.

6 - Other

You can also add a testimony, a source, an advertisement, a website.

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