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Tools (Questionnaire)

Typical Layout for Experience Index Card - 5 chapters

1 - Background (existing environment, history, population)

2 - Aim, goal, issue, objectives

3 - Implementation, description, procedure, method

4 - Human , financial, technical resources (buildings, tools, administrative procedures...)

5 - Overall assessment, lessons, appraisal, development, review, possible reproduction

Typical Interview

Helping you with the questions below and answering some of them, you will form an experience index card you can upload via your username in the section my space, add an experience. (Downloadable / printable versions at the bottom of page)

The aim will be ideally synthetic, short answers. It can be responded to questions between the lines or as paragraphs.

Attach photos, to enliven the experience index card. Attach docments, texts, which illustrates.

Title :

1. The context

- Please tell us a few words about your organization’s mission, vision and work:

- Project location: which geographical area is targeted through your project?

- Target groups: which population groups are targeted through your action? Please tell us about your beneficiaries (who they are, how many, age, type of disability, etc.).

2. The purpose of the experience

- What issue(s) do you want to tackle by implementing this project? What is (was) the problem to solve?

- What were the expectations of challenged people? Of their family? Yours?

- Is there any final objective, any main goal you want to achieve?

- What assumptions you have made when designing the project? What risk(s) have you identified?

3. Implementation, conduct

- When was the project launched and for what duration?

- Which steps have been followed in this project?  What schedules have been set up?

- What activities and tasks are/have been implemented in the framework of this action?

4. The resources you needed?

- People and labour: did you need to hire extra-staff / call for volunteers / call for partners / set up training in order to carry out the project?

- Funding: have you benefited from any kind of support or financial adjustment?

- Facilities: infrastructure, materials, and administrative procedures you had to go through?

5. What is your assessment now?

- Have you reached your goals?

- According to you and to the beneficiaries, what are the mains satisfactions which arise from the project?

- What changes have you observed in comparison to the initial situation? Has the project made the difference, the impact you expected?

- In your opinion, what changes still need to be made/are desirable?

- What difficulties have you been confronted with? What are the limits of the action undertaken in this project?

- What lessons have you learned?

- Is your action repeatable? If the answer is yes, under which conditions?


Summarize your project in 4-5 lines. This summary will appear as an introduction to your paper on our website.

If you have any pictures to include and illustrate your experience sharing paper, feel free to send them to us!

Thank you again for contributing to the Handiplanet network!