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The charter

Objectives of the Handiplanet network

  • Network members want to create a dynamic exchange at international level by sharing ideas and funding, information and experiences. By comparing and drawing on each other's practices, they want to enrich their perspectives, to create new solutions or improve their practices.
  • Network members wish to contribute to a better realization of the rights of the mentally handicapped and mentally of any country, based on the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of theUN December 6 2006 (A/61/611).

The quality and commitment of members

Status of members    

  • Associations private or public organizations or groups of persons formed under a recognized legal status, public or private, of any country, whose purpose is the support, coaching, accommodation, care, support for social integration and employment of people with intellectual disabilities and mental.
  • Institutions, without legal status attached to them
  • Individuals connected to them


Membership is acquired through the contribution to the network in the spirit of the approach outlined below.

Any association or a group, institution or individual meeting these conditions is intended to be a member of the network, but may not be held aside for any reason, except in cases of non compliance with this charter.

Member commitment

Members undertake to give priority to research and implement solutions that support the greatest possible integration for persons with disabilities (inclusion).

Members undertake to publicize and disseminate the objectives and approach of the network so that it develops.


The membership of active members is voluntary and involves adherence to founding principles include:

  • Reciprocity: Giving to view and knowledge to others as much as receive other (Article 1)
  • Openness: Being excited about the meeting, an interest in sharing communities (Article 2)
  • Probity: to give reliable information, expressing a reality or verified information (Article 3)
  • Respect for the shared information space that is the site, undertaking not to dissuade the use for purposes other than those stated in this Charter, respect for people through texts that are written or image that is given and the principle of non-discrimination between men and women. (Article 4)

The approach

The process of formation of the network relies on two bases: the exchange and sharing of experience.

Promote interpersonal exchanges and develop solidarity between different groups of countries:

Members contribute to this goal through mutual encounters between professionals, volunteers and employees and between people with disabilities. Besides the exchange, these meetings aim capitalization of experiences and information.

These exchanges take various forms:

  • Interpersonal exchanges, meetings, seminars, both professionals, as employees or volunteers of the disabled.
  • Exchange of best practices, addresses, testimonies, forum for ideas.
  • Swap data on the realities and actions taken by the members, their contact with the public or assumed, statistics and budgets at national level.
  • Exchanges by postal mail, electronic periodical with a letter ...
  • Trade equipment

Share information, knowledge and experiences internationally through the website:

Members approved the approach of pooling their knowledge on the site handiplanet trade.

This site will:

  • Sharing files capitalization of experience and know-how.
  • Share knowledge of international legislation, regional or national applicable to persons with mental disabilities or mental.
  • Share knowledge and access to reports, statistics and knowledge constituted in different countries, present on the websites of universities, research institutes or training, specialized foundations, UN bodies or in edited volumes.
  • Share contact information and knowledge institutes, training schools for educators and social workers from different countries.
  • Share knowledge among members and access to NGOs, foundations, potential donors involved in the promotion and protection of disability rights and the financing of operations and project related.

The imprint of the network's website

Site Owner

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The format and content of this site is a digital work. It is protected by laws on intellectual property. The reproduction or representation, in full or partial pages, data or any other element of the site by any means whatsoever, can be achieved only by the express permission of its owner.

The network HANDIPLANET - legally belonging to the association Friends of the workshop - is committed to respecting the privacy of its prospects, customers, newsletter subscribers, membership and any other contact of any nature whatsoever, and comply in all respects with the legislation on the protection of privacy and individual freedoms (Law No. 78 -17 January 6, 1978). Pursuant to section 34 the Data Protection Act, 1st August 2000, anyone who has been collecting information has a right of access, rectification and opposition to the personal data concerning him or by mail (HANDIPLANET, 2 Avenue of the Amazon, 91940 Les Ulis), telephone (0164 86 41 19)

The images placed on the website should respect the right image as defined by French law and French courts: "Everyone has his or her image and use that is made of an exclusive right and can oppose its dissemination without permission. "Any publication of the image of a person requires, in principle, prior authorization from the person or his legal representative.


For atype of authorization form which can be returned to us (HANDIPLANET, 2 Avenue of the Amazon, 91940 Les Ulis), download the file below.

The texts available on this website should respect the values ​​contained in the Charter. These remarks are informative and do not constitute a good practice guide. The site owner and its leaders are in no way responsible for comments and can not fully guarantee their reliability.